Dynamic VARIABLE Resistance Training

At Ultimate Sandbags Australia we understand that people are searching for a training system that steps out of the ‘old school’ training structures and into modern ideas that can produce better results, is more time efficient as well as being both challenging and fun. Our philosophy at Ultimate Sandbags Australia is holistic whereby we include the functionality of the entire neurological system for the highest and most effective functional movement and strength results. At Ultimate Sandbags Australia we (like the ancient Greeks) believe the human body is supposed to be symmetrical, increasingly functional, dynamic in movement and abundant with power, energy and poise. Too often these days we find programs that are all‘show and no go’ and that do not respond to the type of training a grandmother or a weekend warrior or a professional athlete needs.   We recognise that the level of training should be individualised but not the methods.

The DVRT concepts provides:

·       Movement over muscles

·       Progressive overload

·       Mixing simplicity with complexity

·       Addresses your specific needs

·       Develops the neurological system

·       Progresses long term success

·       Injury prevention

·       Strength development

·       Stability

We think a test of true strength is what you can lift off the ground, overhead or what you can carry with increased strength, functionality and fitness. By using the Ultimate Sandbag we believe you will be replacing outdated training concepts with a modern approach that will have a significant impact on your daily life as well as being an easy and accessible option that will take your training to another level.

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The Ultimate Sandbag

What does it do?
In conjunction with our specialized program and backed by scientific research, The Ultimate Sandbag is the essential tool that provides effective movement, strength and conditioning applicable to ‘real world’ activities such as; picking up children the groceries or the laundry and that strengthens one’s daily living options. The Ultimate Sandbag also supports the increased development of professional athletes as they stabilize muscles and ligaments used when working with live opponents.

What is it?
The Ultimate Sandbag is a non- static innovative training implement in the form of a bag containing an interior load of sand. It is a training tool used in our systemized training program known as DVRT (Dynamic Variable Resistance Training). With each repetition the weight and dimensions shift, which ensures no two repetitions are the same. This is key to the training and makes it more applicable to real world activities. The body then learns to coordinate movements in functional movement patterns and offers powerful results and a great deal of diversity for the home enthusiast or athlete alike.



DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is a ground breaking functional fitness system that has revolutionized how military, sports teams, and top training centers all over the world build better and smarter movement. DVRT is designed by strength coach, Josh Henkin, and physical therapist, Jessica Bento, to provide an easy and systematic way to teach your clients what functional training is all about. 

The four hour workshop  walks you through step by step on how to identify movement compensations and provides you the tools to INSTANTLY see improvement in your clients. This is possible because DVRT is based upon the most current research on neurology and movement based skill acquisition. Instead of making training overly complicated, DVRT breaks down the science in an easy to follow and implement system. 



Following on from our DVRT workshops we offer the DVRT certification program. This is an innovative and educational coaching program that upon completion will ensure your deep understanding of the DVRT system as well as demonstrating your powerful knowledge and qualities as a DVRT instructor.

What’s required?

To be a certified DVRT instructor we believe you must do more than just show up. We require you to attend the certification and demonstrate qualities that will make you a leader in the fitness industry according to our DVRT standards. This will include the successful completion of a written and practical assessment.  The written test will be completed at home post the certification, where the practical test will be completed on the day.  You will have up to three months to complete the written and practical assessments.  Check out the standards for the practical assessment.  DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Clean & Press Challenge.

No matter who you are, we have a program/workshop that is right for you.

The Ultimate Sandbag is the vital component to your strength and conditioning goals.  Still not convinced this is the solution for your home, gym or studio book a FREE 60 minute demo today. Minimum 6 people required.