What is Ultimate Sandbags Australia?


We are the official Australian distributor of the Ultimate Sandbag – the only University tested strength training tool designed to meet the natural movement of the body. The Ultimate Sandbag is the most effective instrument for improving flexibility, core strength, endurance and achieving real world results. Ultimate Sandbags Australia also offers educational programs and workshops to equip you with a phenomenal system and train your body as it was meant to perform.


What is Dynamic Variable Resistance Training (DVRT)?


DVRT is the revolutionary system that will change the way you think about training. This comprehensive system is designed to deliver remarkable results by focusing on the natural movement and functionality of the body. The DVRT program combined with the Ultimate Sandbag incorporates endless versatility and is scientifically proven to provide all fitness levels with superior fitness results faster than any other strength training program.




Samantha Arkinstall - DVRT Level 1 Certification Sydney

I was honoured to have the chance to attend the very first DVRT Ultimate Sandbags Certification in Australia. I am a personal trainer with a back injury , so to say the least, I was a little nervous walking into a full 8 hours of exercise.  I was amazed to find at the end of the day and for the following days I had no back pain!!!  It was amazing and fun filled day of learning, in fact probably one of the best days of learning I've had so far.  Both trainers were full of useful knowledge and were more than happy to helping each of us throughout the whole day.  The new information I have taken away from this course I believe I will use for the rest of my career.  Thank you so much Josh and Cam.