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Health and Fitness professional Cam Ward is passionate about creating positive change in the lives of his clients using the Dynamic Variable Resistance Training system (DVRT).  As the only Australian DVRT Master Instructor Cam has studied and dedicated himself to improving the way people move in their everyday lives. From the home enthusiast to the performance based athlete, Cam trains his widespread clientele using the advanced DVRT movement based system. Combined with an emphasis on educational programs and workshops Cam is devoted to innovation and the rapid development of all his clients.

Cam recognises first hand the demands and stresses that daily life can impose on the body. In 2014, Cam’s surgeon informed him that the seriousness of his knee injury would prevent him from any further involvement in running or high impact sports. Unruffled and willing to seek out alternative training methods, he twice traveled to the U.S.A, first to achieve the DVRT level 1 & 2 certification and secondly was invited to attend the Master Instructor summit. Inspired by the extraordinary effectiveness of the system, Cam didn’t hesitate in bringing it back to Australia for the benefit of his clients and the Australian market. Significantly Cam successfully completed The Great Ocean Road Marathon in 2016.

Furthermore, the system has been instrumental in the recovery of Cam’s wife after she endured a post-birthing injury. Training together in the home studio has empowered Bec to overcome her own injuries and even remarkably compete in a recent Triathlon.

Inspired by the results of their own DVRT experiences Cam is now passionate about assisting everyone in achieving their goals by making this comprehensive fitness system available for real people living in the real world.

  • If you can see the benefits for yourself in:
  • metabolic conditioning
  • functional strength training
  • core stability
  • balance

……..and you would like to burn fat, build muscle and strengthen joints then the DVRT system and the Ultimate Sandbag are for you.